Canterbury Tales from Caxton's 2nd printingchristMagna_Carta3estates

Wheel of Fortune from Boccaccio MS





    • *The narrator – Chaucer. A fool who tells a bad tale
  • Aristocracy

    • *Knight
    • *Squire (son of knight)
    • Yeoman (lower aristocracy/middle class – forester for knight)
  • Clergy

    • *Prioress (Daughter of noble – nun who head of her order)
    • *Nun (travels with Prioress)
    • *Three priests (travel with Prioress)
    • *Monk (maybe formerly of aristocracy)
    • *Friar (monks who live in service in secular world – not at abbey)
  • Middle class

    • *Merchant
    • *Clerk / Student
    • *Seargent of Law
    • *Franklin (“freeholder” / land owner)
    • Five guildsmen (haberdasher, carpenter, weaver, dyer, tapestry weaver)
    • *Cook (for guildsmen)
    • *Shipman
    • *Doctor / Physician
    • *Wife of Bath
  • Lower class

    • *Parson (clergy/lower class – priest of local church)
    • Ploughman
    • *Miller
    • *Manciple (administrator for lawschool)
    • *Reeve (overseer of an estate – manages peasants)
    • *Summoner (clergy/lower class – summons people to religious court)
    • *Pardoner (clergy/lower class – sells indulgences and pardons sins)
    • Harry Bailey (innkeeper and judge of the tales)

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